Windows 7, 8 users will encounter fewer issues as windows itself will detect and install drivers for most of the third party hardware. The notebook is designed to maximize productivity using industry-leading features tailored to your business need, reducing dependability on dedicated IT staff. Standard multi-touch gestures are supported and owing to the big surface, can be implemented easily. We did not determine teetering here. You will end up with fewer usable ports that will leave you annoyed.

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Works perfectly fine with Win8 2. Those are good values and allow use both indoors and out. The LAN port was located on the E’s rear. Quality journalism is made possible lenovo thinkpad edge e530c advertising. Disk data transfer rate.

However, the stiff power plug is a bit unwieldy. Very comfortable keyboard, not clustered as most laptops have. It is lenovo thinkpad edge e530c to be a nightmare to keep this area free from fingerprint smudges and dust for even a short period of time. Write Your Question as tinkpad complete sentence, then press Ask a Question.

It is only suitable for basic sound rendering.


Review Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E (NZQBQGE) Notebook – Reviews

Lenvo keyboard plate fits very tightly and does lenovo thinkpad edge e530c yield under force. Bottom vents fail to work on beds eventually over heating the laptop.

Intel 3rd Gen i3 Cons – The built quality is a little woobly.

This has been described earlier in the section on the “Graphics Card”. Performance Core i3 3rd Gen 2. Temperature With a maximum of Compared with the E, Lenovo has changed the positioning a bit, but we thlnkpad not see this as an improvement. More about this in the “Storage Devices” section. When the system is at load, the fan speed fluctuates, lenovo thinkpad edge e530c noise varies from Photo Albums Design 2.

The system reaches the lenovo thinkpad edge e530c rate in 3DMark The materials’ quality does not quite reach the level of more expensive business lines like penovo Latitude, Elitebook or ThinkPad T, X or W series. With a maximum of This also explains the lower power consumption of roughly 53W during full load.

Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E530c (NZY69UK)

The laptop looks great. Lenovo thinkpad edge e530c the Edge E is at load with both Furmark and Prime95 running, the graphics card reduces its clocks and the overall power consumption drops to roughly 53W. We did not determine teetering thinkad.


The three USB 3. In numbers, only 44W was consumed, rather than the maximum But i guess u cant expect it to be like Macbook at this price. It works quite well although it needs a bit of familiarization, especially when frequently switching between track-point lenovo thinkpad edge e530c pad as an input device.

In summarythe Edge E is a good all-rounder with minor drawbacks. The noisy touchpad without distinct mouse buttons and the slight flex of the keyboard lenovo thinkpad edge e530c a bit lenovl getting used to.

You get a similar result with compared to in 3DMark 06 when plugged in. However, the disk has poor performance with a maximum read of Ec thin, light, but looks quite good.